Develop your sales and performances

A beneficent and expert outsider’s eye on

 your retail stores

 in order to expand

 your sales and your performances.

Retail Expertise is a consultancy office offering onsite coaching and training programmes designed for retail stores, the distribution/retail industry and the franchised or integrated network of retail businesses.    

Why choose to use Retail Expertise?

  • In order to increase your turnover and profit-earning capacity
  • In order to increase your qualitative indicators (conversion rate, sales performance index, average basket value)
  • In order to improve your teams’ customer-oriented skills and performance
  • In order to create a more positive and productive customer experience that will really make you stand out from your competitors
  • In order to have an objectively look at your business
  • In order to develop projects for which you have neither the time nor the desire to allocate long-term financial means in fixed expenses (project & interim management) 

Our assets and added value

  • Counselling by professional practitioners with a long experience in the management and development of a network of retail stores and brands.
  • Highly pragmatic guidance that is specifically onsite-oriented combining the right dose of theory to successfully apply in practice.
  • Personalized, flexible and modular coaching programmes adapted at your pace thanks to an extension over time allowing the study subjects to be integrated in practice.
  • Counselling that conciliates performances with the human factor.