On the field coaching

Participants on training courses often say: “yes, but in our day-to-day business…..”.

In order to increase the impact, we propose to support your teams on the shop floor.

Tony provided me a great help to evaluate my team on the ground. Thanks to its coaching in real situation, he could propose the strong points and of improvements of each one.


Thanks to his great experiment, his framing gave them a new glance on their manner of working, a handing-over in question and a support for each situation where they encountered difficulties.

- Jordan Foucart, Intersport manager

Observations, listening and feedback become their “raw material”, their everyday commercial response. Through discussion in real situations, theory takes shape in the employee’s real world and becomes easier to apply.

Our objective : to help staff themselves find possible solutions to the situations they encounter, help them reach their level of independence and increase their loyalty to your company.


All, of course, with the highest regard for the business and the individual, and in a friendly and constructive way.

 If you ask people the right questions, they will discover the answers by themselves