Retail Expansion

Do you want to develop your network proactively without waiting for offers from agencies?

Take advantage of the strategic and operational experience that Retail Expertise has acquired from working with well-known retail sector chains and brands.

We will help you to answer the key questions :

  • How to identify the revenue potential of an area ?
  • Who are my customers in the area and where are they located ?
  • Who are my competitors and where are they based ?
  • When the potential has been identified: where to open the business ?
  • How to analyse the offers of existing commercial premises ?
  • How to negotiate for premises (lease, rental terms, etc.) ?
  • What steps are required in terms of permits (planning permission, socio-economic,...) ?
  • How to prepare the launch programme ?
  • How to maximise results in the area (visibility, communications, distribution of brochures, etc. ?

We will use our extensive Retail experience to support you as you establish your premises and develop your network.