Advice to franchisors

Have you launched a successful concept that you wish to develop?


Retail Expertise will support you in order to maximise your project’s chances of success ; creating a network needs careful planning and we will review with you the steps necessary to launch your franchise successfully, from definition of the project to establishment of an effective franchise organisation.


Have you already built up your network and need an outsider’s view, advice or one-off support ?


Retail Expertise is available to listen and support you through the developments necessary to optimise your network; audit, establishment of an effective franchise organisation, development of monitoring tools, network stimulus on a temporary basis or for a variable period, recruitment and development, etc.

Retail Expertise’s support helped us, after a precise analysis of our requirements, to develop the tools essential for the growth of our business.

Mr Hamadouche’s ability to listen enabled us to develop a strategy suited to the specific nature of our business model: franchising.

Thanks to a clear vision, Poivre & Sel is able to approach the challenges of growth calmly and enthusiastically."


- Alexandra and Thierry Buche, creators of the Poivre & Sel franchise