Analysis of customer experience 

This analysis focuses on an essential part of the retail outlet audit, customer relations.

Tony is someone who knows how to share his expertise, his experience of human relations, customer relations and sales, putting himself on the same level as you and taking into account the problems involved in retail operations.


Retail Expertise enabled me to increase my sales revenue quickly with immediate results ! 


- Michel Peeters,  Sales & Marketing Intersport Braine

 Man can only progress if he is aware of his present situation 

- Abraham Lincoln

What is the point of investing large sums in the design of the retail outlet, great products, an expensive advertising campaign,.... if it all goes up in smoke when it comes to the decisive factor of customer relations?


In 80% of cases, where this crucial step is not completed successfully and the quality of the reception given to the customer is poor, no sale is made.


After we have agreed with you the elements to be assessed, you will receive a full visual report showing your teams’ strengths and areas for improvement in this essential step in successful retailing.