Audit of your retail outlets

Are all the elements, both physical and human, necessary for success present at your retail outlets?

We had a lot of questions regarding our distribution policy.


The work we did with Retail Expertise gave us a better understanding of the basics necessary in order to run a successful retail network.


Among other things, Tony helped us to develop dashboards on which we could monitor the key indicators for our network.  We were thus able to identify priorities for improvement at our pilot outlet.

 - Thierry Trinon, CEO Nutripharm

Objective analysis criteria

In conducting the audit, we analyse a whole range of factual, objective criteria that highlight areas for progress and ensure that the fundamentals for success are indeed in place.

  • Is the sales outlet in a good location?
  • Is the sales outlet visible?
  • Is the window attractive?
  • Is the reception given to customers good?
  • Are the products clearly displayed on entering the sales outlet?
  • etc.

Concrete pointers for improvement 

Our computerised audits provide you with a full, precise, visual report enabling you inter alia to :

  • analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the present situation
  • identify points for rapid improvement (quick wins)
  • compare the performance of different sales outlets 
  • measure progress over time 
  • manage your teams more effectively
  • etc.